AI Content Writer

AI content writer tools are great for creating comprehensive articles. Content Writing for SEO Content writing for SEO requires: Original Content Content published on your website first Machine-readable text in the content Useful content Well researched content Comprehensive and detailed content This is what Brian Dean calls a Skyscraper Technique: Start with your content that already ranks…

2 Layer Deep LSTM Reader Teaching an AI

Teaching an AI to Read and Comprehend

Teaching a chatbot to Read and Comprehend has been elusive until recently. While DeepMind seems to have figured how to search documents to find answers, Microsoft Research has a chatbot that can answer questions in a number of languages. Machine Reading Using Neural Machines Teaching a chatbot to read, process and comprehend natural language documents…

Product Managers for AI apps

Product managers for AI apps need to provide product engineers with datasets. Watch Andrew Ng talk about how to organize an AI company and discuss personnel roles.

AI News

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AI Applications 2017

In 2017, AI applications have been able to perform the following tasks:    

Snap and Eat app screenshot

Nutrition tracking from photos of the food

A nutrition tracking app that gets nutrition numbers from photos of the food is now available on Github. Nutrition tracking tracking used to be a lot of work. With this new Snap & Eat app, it’s as easy as taking a picture of your food. This amazing app was built in 48 hours at a Deep…

Logo Bots

Need a logo? Artificially Intelligent bots create logos for you based on your tastes. Logo Generator Bots LogoJoy, for one, does a pretty good job! Have some fun playing with the opening features of Logojoy. Its powerful artificial intelligence generates a huge variety of logos for you to choose from. Now it’s time to start…

AI Apps for Contract Analysis

AI bots and apps are available for contract analysis. Two Contract analysis apps are: Bloomberg Law and Legal Robot: Bloomberg Law has a vast contracts database that it can compare your proposed contract with to make changes or flag errors.   Legal Robot makes the following promises: Ensure Fairness.    Improve Transparency.    Sign With Confidence.   INSTANT ERROR…

Legal Research with AI

Legal Research with AI is in its infancy. Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law each have their own built-in legal research AI. Current Legal Research Tools with Artificial Intelligence Above the Law columnist, Bob Ambrogi did a study about the disparity of results found when using various legal research tools. This phenomenon when lawyers conduct research with the built-in…