AI Content Writer

AI content writer tools are great for creating comprehensive articles.

Content Writing for SEO

Content writing for SEO requires:
  • Original Content
  • Content published on your website first
  • Machine-readable text in the content
  • Useful content
  • Well researched content
  • Comprehensive and detailed content
This is what Brian Dean calls a Skyscraper Technique:

Start with your content that already ranks for your target keyword. Then create something even better by making it useful, well-researched, comprehensive, and detailed. While this is a lot of work, it is usually necessary to rank well on Google searches.

AI content Writer Tools

AI content writer tools can help with compiling well-researched, comprehensive, and detailed content. Some AI content writer tools are:

The Hemingway app highlights complex sentences and common errors. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost. Edit these sentences to remove the red.
You can use a shorter word in place of a one. Mouse over them for hints.
Adverbs and weakening phrases are shown in blue. Get rid of them and pick words with force.
Phrases in green have been marked to show passive voice.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Content Marketing


Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

In-depth content marketing is essential for startups to get traction.
Let’s talk about SEO and auto-content generation and the basics of Natural Language Processing.

Watch this video as a starting point:


and Siraj Ravel’s AI in Marketing video:


Persado is an app for creating high converting text for ads

Article Rewriter Apps




Using AI For Automated Content Creation