AI Content Writer

AI content writer tools are great for creating comprehensive articles. Content Writing for SEO Content writing for SEO requires: Original Content Content published on your website first Machine-readable text in the content Useful content Well researched content Comprehensive and detailed content This is what Brian Dean calls a Skyscraper Technique: Start with your content that already ranks…

2 Layer Deep LSTM Reader Teaching an AI

Teaching an AI to Read and Comprehend

Teaching a chatbot to Read and Comprehend has been elusive until recently. While DeepMind seems to have figured how to search documents to find answers, Microsoft Research has a chatbot that can answer questions in a number of languages. Machine Reading Using Neural Machines Teaching a chatbot to read, process and comprehend natural language documents…

TensorFlow Tutorials hub screenshot

TensorFlow Tutorial

Watch our TensorFlow tutorial videos below: TensorFlow Tutorial Watch Martin Gorner demonstrate how to construct and train a neural network that recognizes handwritten digits. He also describes some “tricks of the trade” used in neural network design, and finally, he’ll bring the recognition accuracy of his model above 99%. Content applies to software developers of all levels….

New SpotMini Robot Dog opened a door

SpotMini is a Robot Dog with an Arm

Spot Mini is a robot dog with an arm that can open doors and clean up after parties. Boston Dynamics built Spot Mini as a general purpose robot dog. SpotMini is truly remarkable for early 2018. As AI technology improves, SpotMini may be seen as a primitive robot. Watch Boston Dynamics videos: Introducing SpotMini The…

Deep Learning expert Brais Martinez About AlphaGo in March 2016

AlphaGo and Deep Learning

Brais Martinez talks about AlphaGo and Deep Learning on March 18, 2016.   Brais Martinez is a Research Fellow & Deep Learning expert at the University of Nottingham. Transcript of Deep Learning expert Brais Martinez About AlphaGo in March 2016 the Alphago has been using deep learning 00:01 to make this happen than is up yes…

Use Deep Learning to Beat the Market

Using Deep Learning to Beat the Market has helped some people to become instant billionaires. Before we are going to use it to predict future prices, you might be asking, “Wait does this work? Are you sure this is gonna work?” JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, all of these big banks, and all of these big hedge funds, like…

Product Managers for AI apps

Product managers for AI apps need to provide product engineers with datasets. Watch Andrew Ng talk about how to organize an AI company and discuss personnel roles.

AI News

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AI Applications 2017

In 2017, AI applications have been able to perform the following tasks:    

bots learning how to walk

How Do Robots Learn to Walk

Robots learn to walk using deep learning techniques in a simulated environment.     How a robot can learn to walk A robot can learn to walk using a reinforcement learning technique called proximal policy optimization. Proximal policy optimization is done with two randomly initialized neural networks and a teacher that rewards forward progress. The policy gradient…

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